From Bentley to Rolls-Royce, back to Bentley again

Are you familiar with the history of Bentley Motors? If not, you might find this a little surprising.

Bentley hasn’t always been developing cars. They made a name for themselves by creating flight motors for the first world war. Bentley was founded 1919 by the brothers Walter Owen Bentley and Horace Millner Bentley. They launched their first car in August at London Motor Show. However, the development process was not effective so the first cars took two years to deliver.

The First Take-Over

When the financial crisis occured in the 1920’s the Bentley brothers couldn’t afford to keep their company so they needed to sell off a lot of stocks. At the end, they sold the company to an anonymous holding company, which turned out to be their rival Rolls-Royce. This resulted in Bentley becoming a cheaper option to Rolls-Royce. The brand was identified by its sportiness and its powerful motors.

The Second Take-Over

Due to a risk taking in the flight motor business, the whole company got bankrupt which lead to Volkswagen AG taking over Bentley Motors in the year of 1988 and BMW taking over Rolls-Royce.

After the launch of the Continental model in 2003, the numbers of sold Bentley cars increased by ten times over five years. From 1077 sold cars in 2002, to 10 014 sold cars in 2007.

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