The Land Before Time

You might know what hit the dinosaurs that made them get extinct, but did you know that they thrived as a response to a natural disaster? A meteor hit them and made them disappear but a volcano outburst made them grow.


Survival of the Moistest

According to new studies, there was some severe volcanic activity in what we today call Western Canada, that paved the way for the dinosaurs’s expansion. They have been able to show that, whilst other species such as reptiles thrived in a drier environment, the dinosaurs became the survivors when the climate became more moist, volcano activities increased and acid rain started falling from the sky.


Dinosaurs were not the only ones who benefitted from the climate change though. The species that later became mammals apparently did too.


There’s some food for thought for you! Wish you all a nice weekend with a lot of interesting reading!


#dinosaurs #biodiversity #fossils #bigbang  #climatechange


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