How to Relax and Learn How to Avoid Bad Stress

Today, it can be hard to avoid stress. There are many triggers around us, which makes it hard to only manage the so called good stress, and not fall into the bad stress mood. The solution to not feeling too stressed out is being able to let go of the panic and keep calm. But how do we do that? Well, actually there are a lot of ways and actually some apps that can help you along the way.

Yoga is Not for Everyone

Some people don’t like yoga. They feel that it’s too slow and that they don’t get the result they want from their exercise. Yoga is especially hard if you don’t know how to relax. At all. How are you supposed to do yoga if you cannot watch TV without multitasking on your phone at the same time? It’s really hard to relax if you’re not open to it, but some time your body will tell you (or shout at you) that a lifestyle that doesn’t contain much rest or relaxation is not sustainable in the long run. And you really don’t want to hit that stage…

Open Mind is The Key

So how do you start relaxing if you’re tense all the time? Well, the trick is to keep an open mind. It might sound cheesy, but if you’re actually open for trying out different kinds of things, you might notice that you like things you would never have noticed before, or things that you used to judge.

But Maybe Yoga is For You

Try going to a yoga session with an open attitude and mind, and see if your body doesn’t feel better afterwards. If you feel like the slow yin yoga is too much for you now in the beginning, you should try out power yoga, which is pretty similar to pilates.

Zen in Seconds

You can also try “one moment meditation”. If you know that meditation would be good for you but you don’t have the patience or the knowledge to execute it, you should try one moment meditation. Just breathe in while counting quietly to 4 seconds and breathe out doing the same. If you feel like your mind is wandering, just think of the sound “hmm” and then go back to focus on your breaths. After you’ve done that a few times, start limiting the meditation time minute by minute until you finally learn how to meditate in just one moment. You will notice a great difference when you’re able to relax and let go of things that quickly.

If you still feel that relaxation is hard for you, try these apps below:




Insight Timer




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