How to re-decorate your kitchen?

1.Start with your kitchen cabinets

The aesthetics of your kitchen cabinets can really affect the whole look of your kitchen. Do you want to go for matt or polished, neutral or heavy lacquered? It’s all about the feeling you want to create. Don’t forget to be keen on the details. Do you want knobs or handles? Or do you perhaps prefer doors that open if you push them? Make a moodboard or write a list of potential options. Look for inspiration in magazines and visit different stores before you make your decision.


2.Move on to your dining area

If you want symmetry in your kitchen, a really nice touch can be to match the chairs and table with your kitchen cabinets. Or, if you don’t want it so synchronized, you can go for the exact opposite and mix and match however you want to. Are you preferring luxurious brands, or do you go wild in second hand stores? If you consider yourself doing one of these things more often than the other, you should try to switch. It can be a fun exercise and it can actually be quite an eye-opener. However, luxurious things don’t always need to be expensive, but they can have a really fancy outlook. So whatever you prefer, be conscious and look for sustainable options.


3.Finnish with yourself

Reflect on how you are feeling when you’re done re-decorating. Does it look like you thought it would? Or does it look even better, perhaps? How are you feeling after this project? What has the project given you and what feeling have you succeeded creating through your conscious interior elements? If you’re anything else than completely satisfied when everything is finished, you might want to change the elements you don’t think fit into the equation. And remember, even if you didn’t succeed with your goals the first time, doesn’t mean that it’s too late to try again. Learn from your mistakes and get back up on the horse’s back, so to speak.


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