Portraying Actor Evan Peters

You might know him as the controversial Tate Langdon, from American Horror Story, but Evan Peters is actually quite a sweet guy. According to GQ Magazine, he “is determined to show that he’s not a creep” and “swears that he’s totally normal in person.” Too bad he’s so good at playing the weirdos.

I would love to do comedy. I think I’m funny and that comedy is my strong suit, at least in real life. I have yet to prove myself in the movies, but I’d love to get the opportunity to do that.

It might seem unexpected to you, but Peters would love to do a romantic comedy. His favourite actors are Tom Hanks and Robin Williams. He craves to act a part that aligns more with his real personality. He also thinks that his fans would want to see him play other parts.

Fingers crossed and let’s hope we’ll see him playing a part he really loves in a near future!

#evanpeters #americanhorrorstory #romanticcomedy


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