This is A Maaaan’s World…But is It Really?

Is ‘A Man’s World’ over? According to Angela Saini, a British science journalist and writer, the world was never the men’s to begin with.


Inferior? Not if You Think About It

In her latest book, Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong – And The New Research That’s Rewriting The Story,  Saini explains that a large part of society’s misinterpretation of women as ‘the weaker sex’, derives from the philosophy of Charles Darwin. She states that Darwin was a genius, but that he misinterpreted women because he was living in a VIctorian era where women weren’t as notable as men were, which lead to that he assumed that it had to do with biological factors – “that women were intellectually inferior to men, because of some evolutionary process.” What Darwin didn’t take into consideration was that at that time, women didn’t have the right to vote or access to higher education. Often, they didn’t even “have the same primary education”.


So how on earth were they expected to achieve what men were achieving?


Darwin “didn’t think about the social and cultural factors”, nor of the historical ones. “he jumped straight to biology, and we still do that.” According to Saini, even the psychological factors don’t differ that much between men and women. Women are as good with spatial ability, mathematics and learning languages, as men are.


Start Criticising Your Sources

People don’t question science, which is something that Saini really encourages everyone to do. Start thinking of the sources, of the motivation behind the statements and analyze the content. Even though science is supposed to be objective, Saini explains that “humans that study humans are going to make mistakes”, and that people are going to be affected by emotions and prejudices that will imbue their way of thinking and how they will state the facts.


Source: SVT


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