Filtered Reality

There’s no surprise that we use social media to filter ourselves. Quite literally, even. We post photos of ourselves telling the story we believe that people would want to hear. Although, how we think others would want to perceive us don’t always correlate with how it actually is. Why do we pretend that everything is fine as dandy, even when we feel the opposite way?


Listen to The Voices of The Influencers

Some influencers in Sweden were asked questions about why they decided to post the images that they did. And although you think you might know the answer to that, it may still surprise you. According to influencer Flora Wiström, it’s not so odd that we want to tell people a happy story on social media, because this mentality is actually applicable to real life situations. She illustrates the example of her struggling with anxiety and somebody asks how she feels, where she says that it’s more likely that she tells the person that she’s feeling fine even though she’s not, because we don’t want others to know about our weaknesses.


Who Filters Who?

So maybe social media isn’t the only thing that’s filtering us, maybe we filter ourselves in real life as well. How can we know for sure? And, although creating a facade on social media contributes to striving for unreachable ideals, can’t we relate to why we actually sometimes decide to show people the good times in life, and keep the bad times to ourselves? As long as this isn’t part of your everyday behaviour, it’s quite understandable that we sometimes filter the truth in order to receive positive feedback. Because maybe that’s just what we need at the moment.


#filter #nofilter #socialmedia #filteredthruth



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