Oops…H&M did it again…

Stop Pretending Women Look Like Barbies After Giving Birth

Latest talks about H&M’s campaign are regarding the one for new mothers. Pictures are showing women that are supposed to look like mums do right after their babies are born. But do these women look anything like how new mothers look in real life? Of course not, H&M’s insensitivity struck again. The women posing in nursing bras are skinny and/or toned. The contrast with the real world couldn’t be bigger.


King Louie Might Be Working for H&M, or At Least Someone with a Brain as Small as His

This is not the only mistake H&M has made over the past months. This winter, H&M launched a campaign where a little boy with african heritage was wearing a shirt that said “coolest monkey in the jungle”. There were a lot of reactions to this and especially in South Africa, people started vandalizing the stores of H&M. This of course lead people in higher positions at H&M to take action and apologize for their wrongdoings. However, it still doesn’t make sense how this campaign could have gone through all of the processes it would have needed, and that nobody spoke up before it was too late. This was probably executed as a PR trick, but a really poor one in that case. And come on, is all PR really good PR?


# oops#stoppretending #stopretusching #stopidealize


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